Rich Tabor

Rich Tabor

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After working in a gym for years behind the main desk is what made me want to become a personal trainer. I have always been passionate about exercise and a healthy lifestyle choice, therefore I thoroughly enjoy my job. As an enthusiast I am constantly training myself to become the best I can, at the same time experiencing and creating new and different ideas and styles to train. For example one style is 'outdoor training' this means using outdoor functional equipment such as kettle bells, battling ropes, kegs etc. which most people wouldn't use or know how to to use effectively inside in a safe environment. I strongly believe that exercise can be enjoyable, thinking outside the box using various techniques and methods is what I'm all about.

One of the great benefits from my job is the satisfaction of watching clients reach they're goals, whether that be, lose a certain amount of weight, reaching a certain level of fitness or beating a personal best.


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