Paul Malekos

Paul Malekos

About Me

I have recently realised the wonderful feeling that comes with helping others, freeing them from illness, pain and obesity allowing them to heal with exercise, nutrition and psychosocial support. I'm currently studying an MSc in Nutritional therapy, building on my BSc Sports Science (Hons), fulfilling my passion and desire to inspire people to live a more fulfilling life. I cannot think of anything more motivating and satisfying than to have a resonating positive impact on those around me and the environment we live in.

The Father of medicine Hippocrates taught "Nature is the Healer of all disease. Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food".

However today chronic diseases and obesity are on the rise and reliable information is scarce and misleading, making it difficult for the general public to appreciate the power of lifestyle.

Knowing that millions of people are suffering without understanding the root cause of their problems has kept me up at night, intensifying my determination to educate myself and those who are open to learn.

I have led teams in sport from an early age winning medals in track and field, sportsman of the year at high school graduation to the outstanding achievement award for rugby at university. I enjoy exercising six times a week including resistance training, football twice a week and yoga once. "A wise man knows he knows nothing": Socrates, so in my free time I enjoy reading, watching lectures and documentaries, socialising with loved ones, listening to music and watching comedy shows.

Training Specialities

A client of mine for example: Michael came to me aged seventeen with Rheumatoid arthritis, Aspergers syndrome (a form of Autism) and severe dystrophy of his muscles. Michael weighed just 53kilograms, a height of 180cm, had immobile wrists, kyphosis of the spine and a severe lack of energy and confidence. Michael was unable to walk far before falling, could not stand back up again unaided, and struggled to remember exercises and focus his attention. His mother also explained that he was bullied at college and had little interaction with his peers.

Michael no longer suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis and his Autism is in remission, to the amazement of his doctors and absolute delight of him and his family. He no longer takes methotrexate which was making him sick along with other side effects. Within a year Michael has gained 17 kg of muscle and is much healthier and happier. He can now run, do push ups and balance and squat on one leg with a dramatic improvement in strength, kinetic chain alignment, proprioception and cognitive function.

Other clients of mine have lost up to three stones of fat in three months, lowered their PSA (potential for prostate cancer), drastically lowered their cholesterol; no longer suffer from asthma attacks, angina, headaches, intestinal pains and bloating sensations.

Other benefits include improved circulation to all areas of the body, mental sharpness, massive increased energy levels, fitness, strength and power for sport and they are ultimately looking, feeling and living better than ever!

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