Spin in Berkhamsted

Spin in Berkhamsted

Spin is a vigorous form of indoor cycling. Even beginners take to the program because the bike's resistance can be adjusted to individual fitness and comfort levels. As the body adapts to more complex moves, it can make the transition to higher degrees of resistance.

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Core movements start with the seated flat basic position and progress through sprints, climbs and jumps. In sprint moves, riders sustain an advanced pace for half a minute. Climb exercises simulate biking up a hill. During jumps, riders shift between seating and standing positions in a controlled way, smoothly leaping out and back to the saddle. Encouraging instructors motivate riders to persevere through the workout phases.

The exercise routines build cardiovascular strength, tone leg muscles and improve lower body fitness. Visualisation techniques and a variety of moves accompanied by stimulating music inspire participants to stay with the class.

Spinning is an enjoyable way to keep pedalling toward personal fitness goals.

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A high energy, indoor group cycling class, incorporating sprints, hill climbs and other moves, whilst transitioning through different resistances. Get ready to work hard in this class, which will improve your cardio strength and lower body fitness.

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