Spin Bootcamp classes in Berkhamsted

Spin Bootcamp classes in Berkhamsted

Spin bootcamp is a high-intensity workout to develop all-around physical fitness. It is designed for fitness buffs and individuals who want to get seriously physical but need some help to egg them on. The bootcamp elevates spin (indoor cycling) to a whole new dimension, reinforcing cardiovascular exercises with strength training.

Intense work outs with our Spin Bootcamp sessions

Similar to a military-style bootcamp, sessions aim to build up athletic endurance, energy and recovery with tough exercises. Rigorous routines comprise interval trainings that combine sprints on wheels with muscle building, aerobic workouts and core strengthening. Circuit style workouts from one station to another follow pedal pushing exercises.

Receive fair warning that this goes beyond the typical studio bike session. Once participants have gained some mastery of the moves, they're hooked. It is loads of fun doing the exercises together with other happy bootcampers. So break out into an invigourating sweat and get all pumped up with Spin Bootcamp.

Kick your fitness up a gear in Berkhamsted

An intense workout that is completely different to your usual studio based class. Invigorating and lots of fun, the session starts with some tough sprints on the bikes. This is followed by a circuit style workout, moving from one station to the next, incorporating the spin bikes into the circuit.

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