Circuits in Berkhamsted

Circuits in Berkhamsted

Circuit training conditions the body through intensive aerobics and resistance training. The fitness regimen is intended for strength training, muscle building and cardiovascular fitness.

Build strength and fitness with circuit training

One circuit means completing the program's entire set of required exercises. Participants then repeat the cycle for the next circuit. There are brief rests between the exercises in one circuit. Longer intervals separate each series of exercises from one cycle to the next. A session may start with two or three circuits, gradually increasing as participants move up their training levels.

Each activity targets a specific body area. The circuit should work out in turns the upper body, lower body, core and trunk, and total body. Rotating the exercises ensures that each targets a different muscle group in sequence. For example, the routine may include pull ups, sit ups, bench squats, skipping, among other challenging workouts.

Zap calories fast, get in top shape and build up stamina with circuit training.

Build up your stamina in Berkhamsted

Circuit training is a combination of high-intensity aerobics and resistance training designed to be easy to follow and target fat loss, muscle building and heart fitness. An exercise "circuit" is one completion of all prescribed exercises in the program. Exercises may include squats, Burpees, press ups and many other challenging exercises.

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